Doggy Jump Thing v2.0

The Doggy Jump Thing v2.0  is fully compliant with the Kennel Club Agility specifications, and ideal for Agility Trainers, Agility Clubs or Competitions. As a Mechanical Engineer by trade, I have developed these jumps to be appropriate for all size and ability dogs, always with the safety of the dog in mind. I have used these jumps with Shady during his training, and am always confident that he will be safe, even if he mis-judges his take off point. Includes 2x Wings & 1x Jump Pole. Also available with jump height markers.


Prices from £85.00 depending on customization. Bulk offers available.



Doggy Jump Thing - Best Bits

I take pride in building the best quality and safest jumps possible. Find out here what we think are the best bits.

The Jump Pole

For Shady, the Jump Pole is the most critical part of the Jump. Some poles are made of thick wood which, if a dog knocks them, can cause serious, long lasting injuries. The Doggy Jump Thing pole is made of light weight plastic and weighed with a wooden batten (like most jumps) or with sand, meaning if the dog lands on it, there is much more give than a rigid pole. They are mounted to the wings to ensure they are easily displaced if a dog does knock them, but strong enough to remain in place for a little tap. Each pole is customizable with a range of wraps, lengths and sizes.  


Colour Customisation

Each Wing is painted using hard wearing vinyl and any colour is possible, whether that be your favourite colour, your club colours, or just because "you like it". My favourite colour combination is red and white. 

Strong, Durable and Maintenance Free

Normally you will see wings joined together using "Plastic Weld". Although this offers a strong joint initially, it may degrade over time. The Doggy Jump Thing is joined using high strength adhesive, meaning they last forever. Since my jumps are plastic, they are completely maintenance free.

Doggy Jump Thing - Customizable Options 

Doggy Jump Thing Options...
Wing Colour
Filler Pole Number and Colour
Permanent or Adjustable Jump Cups
Number of Jump Cups
Jump Pole Length and Diameter
Jump Pole Weight
Jump Wrap Colour and Number
Jump Size and Height (Garden Jump Only)
Jump Height Markers

Doggy Jump Thing Customisation