Here you can find all my "Spare Things", mainly spares to reinvent your agility kit. 

Doggy Weave Pole Thing

If your weave poles are looking tired (or gradually getting shorter 😉), have a look at my Doggy Weave Pole Thing. These can be used to replace a weave pole you have which maybe broken, or if you are just looking for a replacement set. Usually made from 32mm tube, our poles can be made any length, with a vinyl wrap. Each pole is sealed at the end using a black endcap. 

Prices from: £6.00 per pole

Doggy Jump Pole Thing

If you need any additional Jump Poles, here they are. Made from lightweight plastic, weighted with sand (rather than wooden batten for safety), my poles come in 40mm or 32mm diameter, with any combination of vinyl wrapping, and any length. The end of each pole is sealed using an endcap secured by a rivet, with no sharp edges for the safety of your dog.

Prices from: £11.00 per pole

Doggy Marker Pole Thing

Prices: £13.00 per pole, £50.00 set of 4

Doggy Treat Thing

Made by my nephew Harley, the Doggy Treat Thing is perfect for training your dog. Made with oats, coconut oil, sweet potatoes, carrot and cheese you can use these treats to reinforce your dogs desired behaviour, especially when marking with a clicker. Harley says they are "totally paw-some".

Price: £1.00 per bag