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Doggy Agility Thing are soon to be offering a solution to your breaking jump cups - we've all been there haven't we!!!!

With Shady's jumping challenges I've always looked for opportunities to improve his safety during his agility sessions. His pole knocking has always been an issue.

I've lost count of the number of jump cups we have broken!!!!


So we have come up with a solution, soon to be unveiled!!!!!

No more broken jump cups.

Reduced stress for the handler.

Custom designed to any jump style and 100% retrofittable.

BEST OF ALL - Increased safety for your dog.


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Offering all the feature of the existing Doggy Jump Thing, this new design is sleek and 100% customizable to your needs. It even comes with a set of stiff rubber jump cups, which are sturdy enough to support a weighted pole but won't injure your dog, break your jump pole or jump cup.... we've all been there!!!!!

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Prices from: £85 depending on size and customization. Bulk offers available.

Doggy Agility Things...

Doggy Jump Thing

The Doggy Jump Thing is a fully customizable KC specification jump, made of sturdy plastic tubing. Each Doggy Jump Thing comes with 2x Wings and a Jump Pole, designed to keep your dog safe whilst doing what they love. A Garden version of the Doggy Jump thing is also available, for you to do some extra training and generally have fun in your garden.

Doggy Hoopers Thing

The Doggy Hoopers Thing is a fully customizable Hoopers Hoop, designed with the safety of your dog in mind. Each hoop can be vinyl wrapped to match you clubs colours, or simply your favourite colour. The standard hoop is fully compliant with UK Hoopers specifications. I also offer a compact version of the Doggy Hoopers Thing, ideal for garden training.

Doggy Training Thing

My dog Shady, is not a natural jumper, and I have spent lots of time supporting him with his stride patterns and take off points using my numerous training aids. Click below to see how Doggy Agility Thing can help you and your dog be the best they can be...

Latest News...

Harlequin Canine Academy & Doggy Agility Thing

Shady has been training at Harlequin Canine Academy with Jill for the last 5 years, doing his KC Good Citizens, obedience and agility training.  Jill wanted to add a bit of colour to the agility field and asked for numerous designs and colours of jumps. Really good fun making these seeing all the dogs loving their agility!!!

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Shady's First Ever Competition...

Saturday 21st May saw Shady enter his first ever Hoopers competition (any competition for that matter!!!), at Kroxton Kerrial near Grantham. To say it was his fist ever competition, he coped really well, with lots of strange dogs to look at and sniffs to sniff, eventually coming 3rd in two classes.  Lots to learn and work on from our other runs...

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He's Buzzing!!!

Buzz is a superfast Collie who has been working on his running A-Frame with his handlers Sam and Martin. They have been using the Doggy Stride Regulator Thing to help Buzz's foot pattern as he comes over the apex of the A-Frame and hit his contact every time at speed.

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Doggy Sniffing Thing

In addition to their new Doggy Jump Things and weaves, the wonderful people at Dogtastic Daycare asked me to design a "Sniffing Wall", used to mentally stimulate their dogs by hiding their favourite treats and asking the dog to go and find them; a wonderful ideal. 

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The wonderful people at Dogtastic Daycare recently ordered two sets of custom KC jumps and two sets of custom garden jumps to brighten up their brilliant venue.  Great fun to make these, knowing they will be used to enrich the lives of the dogs they have in their care. Not only did I make the jumps, I also made two sets of custom "play weaves", one set of 6x600mm spacing and one set of 6x1000mm spacing which will be used to help their puppies walk nicely.

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